Founder, CEO and creative director, Marina Taylhardat, leaves a piece of herself in every collection she launches, which reflects a great passion for what she does and how important it is for her to set the pace in the fashion world. To make the difference, Ushuva is intended to show the femininity of the current woman who is dynamic, urban and cosmopolitan, but at the same time is pragmatic and trendy. That’s why Ushuva’s clothes are always a must have because of their originality and comfort, as well as their design details that make them special and unique.

In 2008, “Un Pedacito de mi Corazón (a piece of my heart)” emerges in response to the common need to always spread an optimistic message of love, peace and hope. Due to hard circumstances

happening in Venezuela, Marina thinks it’s essential to stay positive and she strongly believes the best is yet to come for her beloved country. Therefore, the iconic heart with a missing piece becomes the protagonist of the brand itself and from now on the goal is to create smiles in every woman and their “minimis”. Ushuva will no longer be the small craft-design company but a reference in the local and South American fashion industry as well.

Since the very first beginning in 2005, Ushuva is born as a handmade Venezuelan/South American brand with a fair trade and sustainable purpose that considers both people and the planet. According to Marina, Ushuva’s mission is to design and produce great quality products without harming and putting the environment in risk.

I wanted to create a space that represents my brand, with a minimalist, modern and industrial decor, but at the same time it was chameleonic to allow us to dress the walls in different ways according to the collection, event or brand we present. In addition to lighting we can appreciate each piece, its color, texture and the technique used to make it, almost as if it were a work of art.

Marina Taylhardat

Creative Director, Ushuva


As a hard working woman, Marina plants a seed of shared value in every member of her staff. She wants her employees to feel valuable and special as part of the company, because at the end of the day, those feelings are going to be portrayed in the resulting clothes and accessories.

In addition, social commitment has turn into a great responsibility of the brand. Ushuva gives away a piece of its heart to several public schools and Venezuelan NGOs with the purpose of making people conscious and enhancing kids and youth’s creativity by applying different activities to each group. Ushuva aims to inspire future artists and entrepreneurs to recover lost hope in our country that so much needs it.

“Don’t forget how I started” points Marina as her secret to succeeding. She says people must acknowledge and feel grateful for the place they come from, always keeping down to earth, since that’s the only way they can professionally and personally grow up and move on in life’s issues. Abundance, prosperity and success will eventually come.